Everything belongs to us- Book Review

“You were not the obstacle I had in mind, but let’s begin with you. I’m not an unreasonable man, Sunam, and I remember what it is to be young. To be young is to be passionate and full of unmade mistakes. ”

“The ledge was high, not dangerous, unless someone wanted it t31248102o be. He rarely looked out over the city, though the view at this height was panoramic, a galaxy of human achievement. ”

Classification: 5/5 stars

Review:Thank You Random House for giving me the opportunity to read this amazing book, I’d like to start by saying that the cover could use some work, I really dislike it, but I’m not judging this book by it.

I felt that this book was compelling, and engaging, I’ve read it so fast, it is a debut novel by Yoojin and it starts in the best way.
I’ve loved the characters they, and I don’t want to spoil much about it. This story follows a women protest in Seoul, and on the third day of that protest everything changes.

It is so realistic and portraits so well Korea, with a dialogue so well structured for the 70’s. The writing was amazing.I have to say that Jisun is my favorite character, I highly recommend this book!


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