I’m a 21 year old girl with a passion for books that goes bigger than any other.
I currently am lacking space on my bookshelf for further purchases, but I intend to get more books, as the wishlist keeps growing.

Here’s my reviewing system:

4.5-5 stars – absolutely loved the book, it had me hooked and I had little to no problems with the book. Highly recommend

3.5-4.5 stars- I enjoyed the book, still recommend, but something has off

2.5-3.5 stars- I liked it, however something felt flat for me.

1.5-2.5 stars- It was alright but would read again or recommend.

0.5-1.5 stars- books I hated, do not recommend, or DNFed


Here’s my GoodReads address : https://www.goodreads.com/user/show/51597952-claudia
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